67 steps full review

Tai Lopez 67 Steps – Full Review

The 67 steps by Tai Lopez is program on the 67 most important lessons that he learned through his mentors. These are the guidelines, rules and principles of the most successful people.

The idea of the 67 steps is to bring those ideas into your own brain to learn faster and grow faster to experience the good stuff easily.

I have to tell you, this stuff was life changing for me, rewiring my brain in all kind of aspects in each pillar of the good life: Health, wealth, social, happiness.

I see things different now, with a whole new perspective, a rich mindset perspective.

What are you going to find here are my notes from the program, from all the steps, I’m the only one – I checked – that put together ALL the steps, I went through all of them, took notes and now I’m sharing those notes with you to help you change your mindset, your vision, your perspective.

Could you imagine if you download the world’s smartest thinkers through history and what they learned through success from trial and error from their life experience?

These are patterns and different ways of thinking to achieve success.

One thing I have learned is that most people only take advice that agrees with what they have already decided to do.

And that in a nutshell is the root of half of all of our life’s regrets.

Before you start, I suggest that you read what I’ve put below, I consider that the foundation to the 67 steps, also keep in mind that I kept this extremely simple, my site is not pretty compared to the other ones, it is ugly, I have spelling and grammar mistakes sometimes, mostly considering english is not my first language but I wanted to give you this fresh from the oven so you can start applying this exact same stuff to your everyday life.

Another thing, you might think this stuff is logical, that it is common sense, but let’s be real, how often are you applying and mastering those things? That’s what I thought, so, keep reading, download the knowledge to your brain and start rewiring your brain.

The Knowledge and the 6-pack of your brain

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These are things that are not taught in school, high-school, university or even as adults and that’s why we are held back more often than what we realize for the lack of knowledge that we have.

Now, we can learn from college, take all the best and leave the rest.

Revolutionize your brain starting in the brain, just like Confucius used to say ‘to change the world you have to change the hearth of people, to change the hearth of people you have to change your mind, to change the mind you have to install curiosity’

It is all about knowledge. Real life knowledge, critical knowledge to rewire your brain that teaches you to fish so you’re set for a lifetime.

Acquire knowledge as often as you can, ideally once a day. Have consistency, do it every single day, even if it is for 5 minutes on X subject, it is better to do micro actions each day… It is all about reps and sets.

Why 67 Steps

It takes about 66 days to change habits according to a research from the University College of London, Tai, for the good luck, added 1 extra day and compressed his 300 steps to just 67 steps to rewire your brain. Use the 67 steps as guidelines, frameworks, and things you need to find the good life.

Be willing to invest in yourself, anything that allows you to invest in yourself, in your life… You get one shot, it is like a parachute jump.

Don’t be penny wise and dollar fool, don’t buy things that rust, dust and depreciate — RDD — don’t buy things that in one year from now you won’t remember what you bought.

You gotta buy food, that’s fine. But invest, invest in your brain, the most powerful thing you have.

Have the ability to see things through, our brain is a simulation machine. You can listen, learn and simulate results by not doing it, this way you do less mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, you just have to do less of them.

Learn by osmosis, learn from other people mistakes so you don’t make them, shortcut your way to success by learning someone that is years ahead of you.

Solve problems by having the proper tools that you build around from the knowledge you seek everyday.

Turn your brain into having a six pack, be tough. The world doesn’t need people that seeks things that come easy.

Have a journal, map down, write down your ideas, your plans, books summaries, course summaries all these things add up to stack the odds on your side.

And remember, smart people sounds crazy to dumb people, don’t be afraid of what other thinks, be afraid of living a shitty live.

Don’t be obsessed with money, not in the least bit. Get obsessed about is, be obsessed with the VEHICLE that money provides which is… FREEDOM. Different mindset, a rich mindset.

The best time to start was 10 years ago, the second best time start is today. Start by reading what’s below, I consider learning this as the foundation to the 67 steps, it is a nice introduction to what’s inside the program.

Being Worth a Damn

Is it worth a damn to learn from that person?

Does having a diploma or a PhD makes a person worth a damn?

For you to rise above the pack, you will have to be worth a damn. What makes you stand out? A degree? a PhD? A diploma? Nope.

If you’re using a college degree as an symbol to be worth something, you’re doing it wrong.

Being worth a damn comes from awareness.

People that are amazing are so aware it will blow your mind. They are asking questions, knowing their surroundings, have their opinions on multiple subjects.

Bill Gates has the worth a damn factor he’s a college dropout.

If you were on college and you had to bet on the person that will give you part of the success they make, who you will pick? The strongest one? The one with the highest grade? The prettiest one? You will want to bet on the person that’s aware and it is worth a damn.

We tend to overestimate ourselves, are you smart? Compared to a stupid person you might be, but compared to someone with high IQ?

On Forbes magazine, the 20 top millionaires and billionaires, most of them don’t have a college degree, others not even completed high school, some just finish it.

Does it mean you should be anti-highschool? No, high-school and college is a neutral tool.

Ask someone what they learned from college and high-school, there are not tangibles, it is just sleep walking chasing a mirage during those years. This is what happens with most of the people.

Defining moments where you could partner with the next Bill Gates or change the world are rare. Now everyone has different talent levels, but the point is not to be the next Bill Gates, is to get fully max-out your worth a damn factor for health, wealth, love and happiness.

Start rewiring your mind and say that you want to be worth a damn. You need to get an 8 out of an scale of 10.

Create Momentum

Momentum is the fuel to get you where you want to go.

Is not about having brilliant decisions, is more about not having many terrible ones.

The first rule is to never lose, the second rule is to never forget the first one.

It goes against the rules thinking you’re a newbie and the next you will be a millionaire or a billionaire, sure there are rare cases of this happening but it is not like that at all.

Don’t start by saying you having the next billion dollar idea when you haven’t made yet 50k.

In chess, if they have a momentum and have the one step ahead, they win. This is what you need to do in life.

Your first goal is to get a little success, not only it will give you confidence and momentum, it will rewire your brain to making you expect success.

Action comes out from certainty, if you knew with certainty that you had a million dollars in the backyard, will you stop digging? Probably not.

The difference between someone that’s willing to go dig and to stay on their beds is certainty, as you go towards your goal, if you don’t have certainty, your brain is not wired to go after things.

If you go out and say you will learn how to make 1k a month extra, and you accomplish that goal, you start hardwiring your brain, you start hardwiring your subconscious into believing that’s possible.

Don’t try to hit a homerun every single time, go to the first base first.

Figure out how to lose 5 pounds, and once you have that momentum and confidence, you can move forward towards your goal with certainty. The same applies to every area of the good life.

Move your way up, rewire your brain into momentum and confidence.

Warren Buffett says to hit a lot of first base hits, this is coming from the most successful investor. Once you know how to make one dollar, you will learn how to make two i.e. I just want to make an extra 1k a month.

Deserve It Factor

Is there a formula to be a successful person?

Charlie Munger, the business partner of Warren Buffet, the person that Bill Gates said he’s the smartest person he ever met, said these exact words…

The best way to get what you want, is to deserve what you want. The world is not looking a bunch of underserving people.

How do you deserve it? By being massive skilled.

A lot of people would love to be a billionaire, like Bill Gates, and he’s a person that went 10 years straight without ever taking a day off.

Does he deserve his billions? He surely deserve it them more than we do.

Those skills are tangible and intangible i.e. faithful, honest, hard worker, focused, knows how to delegate and organize their day, patient to stay in a industry long enough, etc etc

Find people that have a lot of skills and mimic them, and do the opposite of unsuccessful people.

What does Kobe Bryant does different than the rest of the pro basketball players? He expends an extra 4 hours throwing 800 shots by himself, and takes a 20 minute ice bath to take care of his body, there even was a time where he didn’t ate candy or sugar for 8 months. He was disciplined and he got rewarded.

What’s the one formula then?

Build massive amounts of skills.

“Everyone wants… But not everyone gets.”

The world isn’t fair like that. It doesn’t care about what we want. I was thinking of the wise words of Charlie Munger:

“I constantly see people rise in life who are not the smartest, sometimes not even the most diligent, but they are learning machines. They go to bed every night a little wiser than they were when they got up and boy does that help, particularly when you have a long run ahead of you.

Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Discharge your duties faithfully and well. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts. Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they deserve.”

That’s the trick. This thought is profound lost, people think they are missing things and that’s why they don’t get what they want.

Do you deserve what you want? Day by day take the advise of smart people, step by step going to the right direction.

Just like the say ‘treat others like you want to be treated’, be the person that deserves to get what it wants.

Arnold S used to do 1,000 sit ups a day, he deserved what he got.

Want to make a lot of money? Warren Buffett at the age of 18 have read every single book about investing on his local library.

Want people to love you? Be someone that deserves to be loved by others, being friendly, being honest, being a good person, and being a person that lookup for the others.

Want to be fulfilled spiritually? Deserve it, have intangibles, help others, do stuff that fulfills you.

Do Your Chores

On your path to success you will have to be productive.

What made Leonardo DaVinci different from all the people that comes and goes? He learned how to manage himself.

Productivity is important, the biggest key to productivity is chores and progress.

You have to divide your life in chores and progress, with money, you have to make money but also maintain what you have.

Get stuff that’s important done early.

Wake up and do some cardio/weights.

Then after breakfast, do your chores.

What are the chores? Checking your email, bank account, text, whatsapp, Skype, and if there’ anything urgent, knock it up right there.

Then what? Breakfast and reading a classical book. Why classical? We spend most of the time looking the past 24 hours and not the past 10,000 years.

You can combine your cardio with an audio book or checking the basics.

At the ending of your chore, go do a business-mediation with no electronics where you spend 15 minutes listening to your own brain, to let your mind wonder according to your task list using the ‘think deep’ strategy.

The rest of your day must be devoted to progress and making cash flow.

Be sure to knock out your chores, don’t miss emails, see the urgent ones. Check your bank account, make it an habit.

If you chores take more than 2 hours a day — or 3 hours if chose to read on the morning — it is time to cut chores or hire an assistant.

Have one big thing to focus that will bring you cashflow. Don’t go crazy on making every little chore must be perfect.

Paying a bill is not making money, that’s a chore.

Stay consistent so things don’t slip out on you.

Get a checklist where you have one big thing to focus on.

Become a multitasker with your chores. Do you need to check your email more than one time a day? Check it every time you eat, or once a day.

The value of the money is always going down, this allows you to grow and invest.

Chores in the morning like cardio, email, social, read a book. Basically all the basic things looking for urgencies.

Then see your task list for the day, do a business meditation, see what can go wrong by being optimist planning for the worst.

Then the basics are done and you thought about your desk you start your cashflow task that will create growth and move you forward to make you happy and excited about life.

2 to 3 hours of chores, 6 to 7 hours of cashflow.

Everything Is Your Fault

The wealth and prosperity mindset starts by being responsible.

People, for whatever reason, find it easier to blame others for wherever they are at that moment.

If you’re over 18 it is not longer others people fault where you have democratic freedom.

The world is all about blame, people want to blame the government… What good comes from it? Nothing. Even if it is the government fault, what are you going to do? Wasting your whole life waiting for someone to change it?

If you care about yourself, then take the bull by it horns.

Who’s fault is it if you have been smoking for 30 years, eating a bowl full of cereal with sugar and not working out… The government or you?

Quit blaming people, take responsibilities. It will take a long time to get rid of that mentality but the reward is huge, once you do it, it won’t take time to do awesome things.

If you walk alone in the middle of the night and you get rob, who’s fault is it? Sure, they government should provide more security, but they won’t have it on every corner at every minute to avoid everyone getting rob, why not stop blaming the government and start acting smart?

Change yourself and take responsibilities.

There are tons of people staying at home making NO MONEY and instead of finding someone to work for free to acquire new skills that they can later use, they decide not to work for someone for free while they are not making any money.

Those skills will be able to help you in the future, even if you come out of college, you sometimes won’t find a work right away, why not build another skill like reading a book or learning from others that are ahead of you or working for someone to learn from them?

Go from being a victim to being in control.

The economy isn’t the best? Who cares, you will be doing amazing things when you’re not blaming.

There’s no ideal government, don’t waste your life waiting for people to care about you. There’s a lot people that don’t care about you, but make yourself in charge of your life, build skills everyday that you didn’t had the day before and you will become an amazing person.

How to find your destiny in business

You need to be a mad scientist, everything we benefit around the world comes from a mad scientist.

A- Be ahead of your time.

Be good at seeing around the corner, if you can’t see around them, you will lose against people that do and you will hit plateau.

To see around corners take Warren Buffett reads 500 pages a day, that’s roughly 3 to 4 books a day. Who’s going to see more around the corner… The person that reads 7 annual reports a day, newspaper from around the world, or watching the news and reading the same newspaper as everyone else?

Elon Musk is a mad scientist, he saw around the corners, he competed against the big brands like Toyota and Ford by bring a Tesla car, he took 100M from people, putted in Tesla and everyone thought he was crazy, but the think about smart people is that they sound crazy to dumb people.

Become an information gatherer, take them from unrelated sources. Take golden nuggets from everything and from everywhere.

Never get your information from reporters. Want financial advice? Don’t get it from the person that wrote the WSJ article, get it from the person that owns the WSJ.

You just don’t go a get financial advise from the person driving a Toyota, you go for the person that’s driving a Lamborghini.

Time tells the truth, people will lie to you. Time doesn’t lie.

Warren Buffett saw what was happening around the corner on 2006-2007, people laughed at him, later they were asking him for money and took over their companies growing is own company to the billion range.

Become an innovator, stay hungry and stay foolish.

What you want your tombstone to say? Write it down so you can reverse engineer how to achieve then start shrinking it into bite-sized chunks of checkpoints i.e. Retired millionaire at 40, so you need 1M? It means you need to make 83k a month, which equals to 2.7k a day.

To be a mad scientist you need to shrink the problem. We are overwhelmed for the thought of making 1M is that we make the problem bigger than already is.

Don’t be an stubborn, don’t make the problem bigger.

By age 40 you could have a big chance to be physically disable for 6 months. If your business is only you, you need to a plan.

Focus on the 1% of 100 people labor instead of 1% of your own.

Fear the person that goes to work innovating, fear the person that goes to college forever instead of going for the ages of 18 to 22 and never picking another book again.

Like Bruce Lee said, fear the man that practice 1 kick for 1,000 days instead of 1,000 kicks for 1 day.

We can learn from college, take all the best and leave the rest.

In business you have 4 P’s
– Product
– Price
– Promotions
– Placement

Those are the four problems in business.

Go deep in your products, some things are easy to sell and others are hard to sell.

Vegas is easy to sell ‘go there, bet and make money’

Sometimes it is a product issue instead the price, promotion or placement. Always start with the product a go deep.

Ask yourself… Would you really buy it if you didn’t love yourself?

When you convert cold traffic, that’s a product.

Don’t launch a business that 1M people can’t buy globally, it doesn’t mean you will get that market share but even if you only converted 1% of them, that’s a lot of money.

It’s All Reps And Sets

Arnold S is a person that have accomplished a lot, he accomplished every dream he had.

When he was 21 he was Mr Universe, then won 7 times in a row, he dreamed to being the strongest person in the world.

He wanted to leave his hometown and go to California.

Then he wanted to be a millionaire, he started to learn real estate, did instructional videos and became a millionaire by the age of 30.

He wanted to become an actor and make 1M in a movie, and he did it. He became the highest paid actor.

Wanted to form a family and got married.

Wanted to become a politician and ended as a governor of California.

Had a vision of helping people change its health and he’s an inspiration worldwide for people lifting weights.

He’s good at setting up goals and accomplishing its goals.

What can you take away from Arnold?

His reward system. His dad made him make sit-ups before breakfast, he had his mind rewired since he was a little kid to getting a pain and then a reward.

He learned to love the pain because he will get the reward.

He figured out that everything is about reps and sets.
Reps = repetition i.e. 6 sit ups
Sets = amount or group of reps i.e. 2 sets of 6 reps

To learn real estate, he did more reps and sets than anyone else. He outworked everybody, all he did was looking at real estate, going to property to property, talking to bankers, reading books, learning the language, etc

To become an actor, he spent 40 hours to learn to say a line because of his accent… Reps and sets.

He hired people on politics, had advisors, he outworked everyone and become a politician.

Success comes from skills, and skills comes from reps and sets.

In pro basketball you could say that being tall is a talent, but no, a lot of people are tall. What made Kobe so good? He throws 800 shots by himself every time after practice, the pattern? Reps and sets.

Starting early, focusing on reps and sets over and over is the key. Don’t say you’re too old because a second ago was the youngest you will ever be.

Do not reward kids by saying ‘you’re smart’ instead say ‘great job doing all these math exercises’

Most people don’t realize that they need reps and sets, they think that all they need is good grades. You need to work hard, reps and sets.

Build skills doing more reps and sets the great way by following people that’s ahead of you to make sure you do them properly. You need to be committed and practice them over and over again.

Make The Plane Go

The secret to a good marriage is low expectations.

This doesn’t mean you’re negative or pessimist, it is accurate.

You have to make the plane go where you want it to go, this is missing in our mentalities. Success comes from obstacles you will find on your path, and that obstacle could be anything… Would you bounce out of that wall and never tried it again or will you try to go up, around, through it or under it?

The average person completely gives up after 3 failures, most give up after the first one.

If you look at life as there are no surprises, you will be part of that 5% that has the good life. You have to make the plane go to where you want it go, if you can stay and don’t give up after some mistakes or failures, and if you’re a person that’s perseverant, then you will be above average.

What have you been your past reactions when you get these walls? Go to the right or left? Stop? Go up? Go down? Through it?

If you stopped, change that mindset, a lot of people wants to be successful to get the good life regardless of having more money than the average person or being a millionaire, that path is full of walls, you better be prepared to expect them.

Lower your expectations, if you think you’re going to do it in one week, add another week. Set your expectations for your life and you will have an edge above the average person.

Man On The Moon Mindset

Facing mental obstacles? You need to train your brain.

Life throws us shit at us everyday, tons of it.

How hard was it to put the first human on the moon? It took 10,000 years of humans with PhD spending their whole life on it, it took millions of people creating the technology and figuring out how one person will walk on the moon, and put it all together to finally put one men on the moon.

It was possible.

If humans can put a man on the moon, you can figure out how to figure problems you get in your life instead of getting paralyzed.

It may seem common sense but there are areas where it is more complicated.

Is your goal to take 10k extra a month? That seems really hard, but you need to know how to get on the right place mentality.

We learned how to put one person on the moon and bring it back alive.

Hundreds of people have figured how to make an extra 10k a month.

Now that changes the perspective.

People that want to lose weight say it is hard, but if humans can put a men on the moon you can lose weight if you eat right for 12 months… That’s a lot easier than having thousands of PhD’s calculating how to put a man on the moon.

You can figure stuff out, if millions of people can figure out how to do it, you can too. Don’t follow the people that tried and failed, follow the ones that achieved success.

Einstein was a genius, he worked at a post office most of the time, and when he got home he used his spare time to figure out the theory of relativity.

You can accomplish a lot in a day, but people are not willing to do it. They rather get home and watch T.V instead of studying or working on their goal.

If you wake up at 4 AM, by the time is 12 M you’ve already worked 8 hours.

Have the mentality of they can do that, I can accomplish what I need to do because all I need to do is maybe just waking up early, or removing something that doesn’t give me an step forward in my goal, etc

Get the mentality of problems are not a big thing.

Once you past that first wall, you will rewire your brain to pass them.

Get on this mentality that stuff is your fault and that if humans can put a man on the moon I can solve X problem. It will give you a tough skin.

Would you like to live a boring life or earn big things by having the courage to solve nearly every problem and that if I can’t I can bring reinforcement to pass that wall?

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

There’s an even better opportunity that have never been in front of the human civilization for the past 10,000 years.

What other time in history has a every day person under 25 ever been able to be the wealthiest people on the planet? Mark Zuckerberg.

What other time in history a company has go from 0 to billion of dollars? Instagram and Groupon.

You have the opportunity to going from zero to hero, where it doesn’t matter the color of the skin, the age, the experience, the college degree, the last name.

What’s this big opportunity?

The internet.

10 years ago most people didn’t had an email address… The internet is getting its way to every area of your life, your house will be powered by the internet, T.V shows, phones, etc

It allows you to sell anything to anyone in the world that’s connected.

People hundreds of years ago was busy on a farm, even if you had the skills, you were locked out on a farm.

There are no times that this opportunity was available.

Now with the internet people just want what you’re selling them. You can connect your business to billions of people around the world either from their phone or home computer.

Create something that people want, not all billions of them, you can find millions of people that are interested in that one thing you create to sell. That’s your market.

You create an skill, create an interest and turn that interest into a scale.

Passion turns into devotion, devotion into skills, skills into ability to share the skill, and sharing the skill turns into money.

Mark had the idea to connect people with each other, he thought that was his destiny, turned that destiny into a passion and from there into devotion, skills, getting used and making money.

Take Mark, he’s on his twenties, if you take his 26B and grow that on 7% annually compounded, his age adjusted net worth is over a trillion dollars… That’s one kid.

We don’t need that much money, we need what we need for our passions and life… According to science we need 85k just to be happy, bellow that you will have lower levels of happiness. It could be more or it could be less but in can be done.

The economy is bad? For who? You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to tap into the internet, which is a tunnel that helps you to connect with people. It can build a fanbase, it can help connect with others almost instantly.

In 10 years the kids growing right now will turn into our competitions because they starting young to understand technology. It will get harder, it will not be easy as it used to be.

Just like real estate, you can still make money but it is harder. The next opportunity right now is the passion combined with the internet.

The best part? It is very hard to copy, passion and destiny is unique to each people. We all have different intellect, creativity and natural skills, that forms into this destiny that brings us to our passion.

Do it now that it is easy. It is the perfect time to buy cheap and get amazing returns.

Every computer, phone, tablet is an ATM machine where you can get money out of it.

This is the first time of history when you can get paid for your passion.

Respect The Seasons Of Life

Every farmer knows there’s a season for everything.

In the spring you plant your corn
In the summer you take of it, you cultivate it
In the fall you harvest the corn so you can eat it
In the winter, you rest and live up from what you did on the last three seasons

You can’t plant on the winter when there’s snow, you can’t harvest during the summer.

People are not respecting the season of life, people are in the spring and are already asking for the money while they are barely plating the seeds.

The universe is bigger than us, we are not allowed to bend the rules, we have the illusion that we are in control but you have to be humble and understand the world does not spin around you.

Bend your knees to the master. If you don’t think the universe is bigger than you, you’re disillusional. You have to be bend your knees to work with the universe and to work with the nature. It is easier, you can’t fight with something that alway’s going to win.

Nature laughs last.

Basically, the beginning of your life and whatever age you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the spring of your life, you still have to go through the four seasons.

If you’re older, you have to bend your knees to the nature and become humble.

Every single time you start a project you have to go through the four seasons of life.

1- Spring

When you go out and plant seeds, you absorb and learn from other people. This is the baby stage, you let other people take care of you and teach you.

It is the humble stage and people have a problem with this. Stay humble, you will need to stay on this stage for a long time. You don’t know anything.

You’re just like an sponge, and most people skip this.

2- Summer

Here’s where you cultivate the skills of the new project. You will go out a find wise people, and figure out exactly what you want to do after planting the seeds and seeing which ones grow.

Here’s where you have an idea of what to do, absorb like a sponge from smarter people than you. You will work on that one thing and get really really good.

And just like the spring, you will spend also a long time. It doesn’t have to be 10 years, but it can’t be just one month.

3- The fall

Here’s where you profit from what you planted on the spring and cultivated during the summer. This is where you get the results.

Just like the other seasons, it will take a long time too.

4- The winter

This is the time to rest, and during that rest is a time to pass on and teach/share what you did during the other three seasons, where you delegate and help people below you take over.

You can’t skip a spring. The average person from 18 to 26 are on the spring stage, go to college, they are not sure what to do, bounce around, and on the late twenties they kinda figure it out and start working on it.

Then if they are smart during their thirties they start moving into the fall trying to make and save some money.

Then winter comes at the fifties.

Now, there are shortcuts to go much faster.

1- You need to fully embrace the idea that there will be four seasons and that you shouldn’t skip them faster than you should.

2- You need to realize that each season can be done quicker and understand that there will be a time where there might not be a lot of money because you’re building skills and then you will hit the harden.

3- Skipping the spring, not being an sponge and absorbing or skipping the summer not building the skills because they thing that they know what they want to do and want jump right into the money… These are two of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Warren Buffett or Bill Gates or Richard Branson or Brad Pitt or Bill Clinton or Mother Theresa that accomplished a lot, they are on the fall and/or winter of their live, and they would LOVE to go back to their youth of spring and summer, even Warren Buffett said that he enjoys and loves the spring because it is so much fun.

There’s no benefit to rush, enjoy fully each of each seasons.

During the spring is new, it is full of excitement where you’re learning new stuff.

Once you’re during the summer and have guidance on what to do it is a great time, don’t rush to the next season, you probably will on it once in your life.

If you’re during the spring and not happy, it is your fault. Plain and simple.

Love the spring and love the summer. For some people it will take longer and for others it will be shorter but at the end we all are going to die, so enjoy it.

Static Interference

One of the biggest problems is static interference.

Imagine as you drive and listening to the music, as you go further you start to get statics and the further you drive the hardest it gets to listen the song anymore…

… This is what happens to everyone that tries to get successful.

What’s static? Other people advise

What’s the music you want to listen to? Good advise from others

Stop listening to so many people, if they are related you can treat them and be their friends, but don’t ask them for advise.

You just have to find one amazing person and listen to what they have to say and ignoring the rest. Ignore the 99% and listen the 1%

Warren Buffett took Benjamin Graham — which has a book on stocks — and ignored everyone except Benjamin’s voice.

We have been taught that knowledge is taught democratically, where you grab all their ideas, put them into a pot and them grab one randomly from the pot.

If you ask 20 people and only 1 of them is good, you have 19 poisoned ideas and your pot gets poisoned. Even if you ask 19 good people and 1 bad, your pot still gets poisoned.

You must eliminate those voices in your head. How?

1- Eliminate the media and the news. You don’t want to learn from people that know a little bit of each thing but are not good at anything — however, you do want to become a jack of all trades, learning a bit of each thing but becoming good at one thing —

Stop reading the news, they are not giving enough good advise. You have too much static, you have 50% of good stuff and 50% of static and you can’t difference them from each other if you’re starting out.

Now, find sources of pure sound, you will have to stop listening to close friends a family.

Listen to people that are experts.

Want to find out about legal issues? Common sense says to find people with experience, but, unfortunately, common sense seems to be ignored in today’s society.

Find someone that’s where you want to be in 20 years, people that’s 20 years ahead of you. Surround yourself with people that’s where you want to be.

Not everyone that accomplish can teach, but it is better to listen to them, you have a better chance to learn from Richard Branson how to start an airline than a friend you know that never made a penny on it.

Keep in mind that occasionally that these people sometimes can be a bad source of information and you need to eliminate them.

You must start eliminating these voices, you need a social structure as a human and this is why we have those voices and build a board of advisors, of good advisors that can guide you, advise you and mentor you.

How to get the good voices?

Make friends with books written by the most amazing people you have read. Some are dead and some are a live, get their voices on your head.

Get Darwin, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Freud, Plato… Get their voices, and it is an extremely high chance there they have more music than noise/static.

TED talks are pretty good too, find youtube videos from famous people that have achieved high success.

By nature we are friendly, when people ask us for help we want to give advise. Even if we don’t know the answer we give advise or guesses, any kind of advise, something as simple as guessing an address when someone is lost.

Want to be wise? Read people that have stood the test of time and learn from them.

Stephen Hawkins has more to say than physics, learn from him. Make friends with Freud… With dead people.

Listen to their talks while doing exercise on the treadmill. Don’t always listen to music, music is drug, if you listen to music 10x more than you read you will be an idiot till the day you die.

You can’t just read 3 minutes and listen to 3 hours of music.

There’s nothing wrong with music, but there’s a time and place for it.

Don’t be taking that drug more than the food of the good voices. Turn that radio station of your mind with pure signals instead of statics.

Find experts to fill up your head that’s 10 – 20 years ahead of you, and listen to them over and over and over again.

The law of 33%

Why celebrities in hollywood make it? In hollywood everyone wants something but not everybody gets what they want.

The sense of time can quickly slip pass through you. Aristotle said that his version of the good life was health, wealth love and happiness, but have so many things like who we are going to marry, what are we going to study, where I should study, etc etc

The modern world is too complicated, you won’t the answers from one person.

Download the mindset and conscious from the most smartest, intelligent, wisest and experienced and then you will get what you want.

You need people to show you how to do stuff, we learn by osmosis.

Your ability to copy is the biggest predicator to success, Albert Einstein had a mentor, Oprah has 2 mentors, Ghandi had mentors, Alexander the Great had Aristotle, Warren Buffett had Benjamin Grand.

Divide your life in 33%

First you have people below you, those are the people you mentor, that you help them. And they will help you back by having the feeling of that’s good helping someone else… Or that they are doing worse than you.

Then you have the people that’s on your level, these become your peers.

Then you have the people 10 to 20 years ahead of you, people that will make you feel uncomfortable, find someone that’s 10X ahead of you.

Want to make 1M? Find someone that’s making 10M

In-person mentors are amazing, but you can’t get people like Aristotle unless you read about them.

Everybody wants the good life, but not everyone wants to follow these rules.

Humility, you need to have it. You need to be humble to learn from others, not everyone wants to learn from others, but just like Sam Walton he was learning from all of his competitors.

Don’t be cocky, learn from others, not from everyone, but stay foolish for knowledge, be hungry for the knowledge.

Everybody wants the good life, but not everyone is willing to being humble.

Perseverance is necessary.

The media shows us the things that sells, the end result, the end of the story, they don’t show us they story… Why? It doesn’t sell.

Bill Gates started at 12 and it wasn’t until the age of 31 that he was a billionaire. He spent 10 years of his life ‘in the dark’, he never took a day off during those 10 years.

You must have perseverance and in your search for mentors you need to have perseverance too.

Persistence is the key.

Everybody wants the good life, but not everyone is willing to persevere.

Books are crucial, they are a hidden treasure, some of the greatest mentors are not alive. Not many people have read a 5 bucks book by Sam Walton, a person that made 160B, because the modern education system have turned us away from books and have rewired our brains into forcing us to reading the book from start to finish as a one event.

Pick 150 books that you can read over and over again, 150 books that are your best friends.

You don’t need to read a book from start to finish, there’s no rule to it. Most books have only 1 or 2 things that are worth reading, the rest is pretty much stories to fill the book. You need to become an information gathering machine, a machine that find that 1 or 2 things that are worth in those books then jump right next into the other one.

Everybody wants the good life, but not everyone is willing to read more.

Stoics vs epicurean

A nation is born stoic and dies epicurean .

Stoic are people willing to sacrifice instant pleasure for something better later. They are investor, not just in money, but in time too.

The epicurean are the ones that live for the now, they have the YOLO approach.

Tough it up a little be, become stoic.

When was the last time you went 1 week without eating sugar? Or did 100 push-ups? Taking a cold shower? Taking the stairs into the elevators?

Everybody wants the good life, but not everyone is willing to tough it up to get the good life.

Mentors are the shortcut to your end goal, there’s always someone to learn from.

Follow the rules… Be humble, have perseverance, tough it up.

It will be hard, it is suppose to be hard… The hard is what makes it great.

The Salary Slave

There’s a conspiracy affecting a lot of people, and it is making a lot of harm. What is it? The concept of the salary and the hourly of paid wages.

Sounds crazy because most people have salaries, but in history, it wasn’t always that way. On the past, everything that people did was for survival.

Now civilizations have grown, we have groups of people that are specialized in forming companies and something happened on the side, which is that almost everyone on the world with a salary.

The strongest cognitive bias we have is the reward-punishment bias, basically we move towards whatever rewards us and get away from whatever punish us.

What does it have to do with salary?

If I go into a job and my reward is for my time, because you’re selling your time to get paid so you don’t get fired.

You’re trading your life for money.

And we get rewired in our brain that we go, do what we need to do, sell our time and get money. If you’re getting paid hourly, why would like to be efficient? We even want to go slow enough so I get paid what they say.

What if instead we get paid for what we accomplish? Whenever you’re in life, say to your boss that he pays you by accomplishing your goal, regardless if it takes 15 minutes and leave to your house or if it takes 9 hours like the current schedule is.

But it sounds crazy to us. Why? Why do we exchange time for money instead of getting paid for the results we generate? Why not get paid part of the money we helped to generate?

It sounds even crazier for people that don’t have a job and don’t to go work for someone else for free, they are idiots, instead of learning a new skill, mastering that skill and learning from that person that we looked up to work for free and set a deal that to get paid later when we generate money thanks to those skills we have mastered, but no, they decide to stay the same.

Our brains are rewired the wrong way. Instead of working and improving our performance so we can get paid more, we are paid by the hour and we are paid less if we work hard, smart and improving the performance.

We have the mentality of the salary, it is a lose-lose because we end making less money and wire our brain with the wrong mentality of being a slave.

It is better to be free and occasionally broke than a slave and always broke.

We will not get wealthy if we are slaves. We will not be healthy, wealthy and happy from being an slave and having the slave mentality.

We need to move away from that… Fast.

Does it means that you have to quit your job? Yes, but it doesn’t mean you have to go solo, you can partner up with someone else, work for free and get paid on the performance.

You can go work for ANYBODY with that approach and mentality.

Are you humble enough to learn from others? Are you tough enough to get rid of that mentality and stopping being an slave?

Performance-based income is the fuel to work harder and smarter to make more money. You can’t make that with a salary-based income.

If you get your money selling your time, you become an slave.

If you get your money based on your performance, your brain will make you a more performance-based person.

Change your reward system, stop trading your time and life for money, trade performance for money and you will get what’s yours, it will allow you to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

The World In Your Image

Move to the next step now that you get and understand the once of a lifetime opportunity… What’s the mentality you will have to take advantage of this opportunity?

An entrepreneur is somebody who sees the world like it is, and then create the world as it own image and live by it.

This opportunity will be taken by entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs that gets a vision and a dream on their mind and starts turning it into a reality, turning a dream into a real thing.

How many dreams do we have?

We all have those dreams, but how good have been able to take those dreams and turn them into reality? We dream the 10 on scale of 1 to 10.

The entrepreneur is a master of dreaming and turning it into reality. However, you can’t just turn any dream into reality, the entrepreneur also learn what’s his destiny. They know what their destiny is, and have skills that take those dreams and start working on them.

You need that mindset, a mindset where you create the world in an image that you want.

How are you going to make the internet and that dream into reality?

Entrepreneurs are the wealthiest people in the world, there are not employees with a salary on the top list of the wealthiest people.

There’s a difference between working in a company and for a company.

Bill Gates works IN Microsoft.

You might start your own or work with someone but they key is to work IN it, as a partner or have shares or that fully owns it.

There are millionaires that work for companies, but they saved money, made investments and retired with money, that could be a path, but that’s going to take 20 to 30 years.

If you’re ok with that, by all means that’s fine. We all need employees, regarding of the salary or performance payout.

Entrepreneurs are the ones that are able to shortcut that into a few years, patient is required, but the whole system favorites the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs reuse the money to grow the company, and the tax structure favorites them. And they grow it until a point that they sell it and pay a lower tax rate.

This a secret of the wealthy. As an employee, you’re locking up yourself even if you structure yourself properly and invest correctly your money.

Being an entrepreneur is practical, you can deduct expenses from your taxes like learning from conferences

Start learning, step by step, cut the accumulation phase that take people years and years, find your destiny, turn that destiny and passion into skills, share those skills with the world using the once in a lifetime opportunity — the internet —, grow the business and profit from it depending how big your goals are.

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