Tai Lopez Programs – Reviews and Notes

“Here in my garage…”

“Here in my house in the Hollywood Hills…”

“Here in my backyard…”

You know him, no need for an introduction here, neither a background check through his life or anything, you’re here to see if the 67 steps, the accelerator, the mini MBA or his other program are worth the investment, right?

Let’s ignore the fact that he is renting house, which is fine, who doesn’t rents a place to live for a couple of months before moving in or deciding if they like the place? Or who doesn’t rent when it comes to real estate, taxes, etc?

Some people seem to have a problem with that, or the fact that he calls the rented house ”here in my house in the Hollywood Hills”… I guess the people that say that and are living rented they say ”come to my rented house in the whatever place”


Anyway… Let’s focus on the real thing. Are Tai’s programs worth the money? What’s inside them? What’s the content? What can you learn?

For whatever reason you haven’t join Tai’s program I’m here to make a simple choice, to either join or not, so I’ll tell you my experience and give you my notes from the programs so you can make a choice to see if it is worth learning from him and making the investment.

Here’s what to do now, read my 67 steps full review.

You can read my full review of Tai’s 67 steps program right here. A word of warning though, it is over 10,000 words long.

Why so many words?

It includes the overview of the program, what’s inside, the types of videos, what I learned and my final words.

I highly suggest you read it, it includes the foundation to the 67 steps program on how to get health, wealth, love and happiness. In fact, if you apply to your life what’s wrote on that page I’m pretty sure you will start seeing things differently, doing things better and start approaching the good life in small steps.

You can also check my notes from each of the 67 steps inside the program, here’s the step 0 which is the first video inside the program.

I’ll be adding more content to site, like my notes from the bonus videos, book reviews, book list, and more videos.

I suggest you bookmark the site and come back each day and read a little bit about each step, remember, go to bed a little smarter than you were when you woke up.